“Share the Journey” is a Caritas’ global 2 year campaign on migration which promotes Pope Francis’ “culture of encounter”, aiming to build stronger communities. Caritas is mobilizing its organizations in over 160 countries to look at the causes of migration, bust myths about migrants and refugees; and to bring migrants and refugees; and communities closer together.

The Share the Journey Global Week of Action between 17th and 24th June 2018, aims to set off a global wave of solidarity in which communities create activities and events with migrants and refugees at their hearts.

“Hope is the desire to share the journey of life, as the Caritas campaign that we inaugurate today reminds us. Brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to share the journey! Do not be afraid to share hope!” – Pope Francis.

The main activity Caritas is promoting across the globe in that week is sharing the meal with migrants and refugees who are established in our community and one who have just arrived.

The activities done by Caritas Nepal during Share the Journey Campaigns’ global week of action were:

  • World Refugee Day celebration
  • #ShareAMeal


On 20th June, 2018, Wednesday, Caritas Nepal with its staff celebrated World Refugee Day at Head Office, Dhobighat Lalitpur. The programme was facilitated by Ms. Sylvia Rai through PowerPoint Presentation highlighting the current scenario of the refugee throughout the world. She elucidated the history of Bhutanese Refugee people, how they came to Nepal and what are they doing now. She also shared about the work Bhutanese Refugee Education Programme is doing to help the refugees and its achievements till now and types of services provided to them through Pictorial Presentation. The programme ended successfully with the documentary of Bhutanese Refugee in Nepal named “Uncertain Future”.

Similarly, on the same day, Caritas Nepal Regional Office, Damak also celebrated World Refugee Day by organizing Science Exhibition and Football Competition at Beldangi Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Jhapa. Caritas Nepal provided all the necessary materials to the students who participated in the exhibition.

On 19th June 2018, Caritas Nepal organized Volleyball Competition between the Refugee Children and the host communities as the campaign aims to bust myths about migrants/refugees and to bring migrants/refugees and communities closer together.



On 22nd June, Caritas Nepal organized #ShareAMeal programme with families from Myanmar who are seeking their refugee status with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kathmandu. Inviting all gathered to the meal, Bishop Paul Simick, the patron of Caritas Nepal stressed the need to build relationships between migrants, refugees, and local communities.

In the same occasion, Mathias Thumpi, one of the asylum seekers, shared his journey from Myanmar to Nepal with his wife and kids. “The Lord, I trust was himself a migrant and refugee, I am thankful to the local community here for helping in my difficulties," he said. 

In the end, Bishop Paul Simick himself set an example by serving meals and providing gift packages to the Myanmar Refugees.




One human family, food for all

Caritas believes that it is a scandal that nearly a billion people are hungry in a world that has enough resources to feed everyone. Launched in December 2013, the One Human Family, Food for All campaign aimed to:

a. Raise awareness of the hunger crises

b. Explore how Caritas programmes are helping families feed themselves

c. Encourage people to learn more about hunger and ways to solve it

d. Call on governments around the world to guarantee a right to food for all

e. End systemic hunger by 2025

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